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HootSuite vs SocialPilot

July 08, 2022


Brandon Craighead

It is not hard to make social media marketing look easy - when using channel managers

Most social media marketing agencies Franklin TN make it look easy. Truthfully, it is. We use channel managers that schedule, optimize, and ingrate posts all in one place. For instance, when we post to a client's social media profile, we will automatically post to their Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Business, and a few others. Channel managers are a game-changer and allow us to create better content quicker!

The most well-known channel manager is HootSuite. When we started providing social media services, we started with them. They offer a fantastic solution. However, we quickly found a steep learning curve for our employees and customers. Plus, they are one of the more expensive solutions on the market - two issues that were enough to make us look elsewhere for social media management tools.

We tried and tested almost every manager on the market, looking for a better solution for our clients and us. With all the systems we considered, we found pros and cons. So, none of them are perfect. However, we landed on SocialPilot because their Pros overwhelmingly beat their cons. Not only are they one of the less expensive solutions (which allows us to provide every client access), but there is almost no learning curve to use the product.


SocialPilot does almost everything that HootSuite does, and in many cases, they do it better. 


Here are some examples:

-SocialPilot offers a bulk post upload feature. This is critical when migrating from one social media platform to another or when setting up a new account. Hootsuite does not have this feature.

-SocialPilot offers an amazing publish queue feature. This allows us to see all content that is scheduled to post in the future. We can easily rearrange posts, delete them, or add new ones with a few clicks. Hootsuite does not have this feature.

-SocialPilot offers a visual content calendar. This is a lifesaver when trying to keep track of client posts, holidays, events, etc. Hootsuite does not have this feature.

-SocialPilot's reporting is fantastic. They offer detailed reports on every aspect of our social media activity - from impressions to profile visits to click-through rates. Hootsuite's reports are basic and lack the detail that we need to properly assess our social media activity.


Overall, we are very happy with SocialPilot and would recommend them to anyone in the market for a new social media management tool!

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